Why is my Water Cloudy

This is a guide for people in the Geelong area who may need a repair plumber in Geelong.

So you have noticed that your tap water has a cloudy look to it, as opposed to being clear.
Sometimes known as milky water, white water or simply cloudy water, there are a couple of potential causes for this.
Follow this guide to determine if you need plumbing help in Geelong for your cloudy water from the tap.

You may have alarming questions pop into your head, concerned for you and your families health.

Such as:

  • How long has it been this way?
  • Has anyone drank any?
  • Is cloudy tap water harmful?
  • Should I be worried?

All very normal and valid questions to be asking. Luckily, most of the time, this is nothing to be worried about. However, there are rare occasions, mostly in older homes with older pipes and plumbing, where it can be something to be concerned about. These situations are where you will need a repair plumber in Geelong. Plumbing repair doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find a cheap repair plumber in Geelong who is qualified.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Having milky water from the tap is most of the time completely harmless and can usually be fixed by simply running the taps for a minute. There are a few main causes as to why water becomes cloudy. Here is a list to go through and find out what matches best to your situation.

Tiny Air Bubbles Causing Cloudy Water Out of the Tap

Most of the time, this may be caused because the water in the pipes has lots of tiny air bubbles and the water is under more pressure than usual. There are many reasons why air can get in the water and pressure can increase, anything from colder weather to a faulty pipe fitting. Tiny air bubbles get into the pipes creating more pressure and the cloudy water from your tap is usually caused by these bubbles.
This means that you should notice after roughly 20 seconds it clears up.

If this is the case then the good news is, this water is completely harmless as it is just lots of tiny air bubbles. You will not need plumbing repairs.
You can run your tap for a minute and this can help relieve the pressure inside the pipes.

All normal water consumption is perfectly safe if you have tested the water, watching it clear up in a glass because of air bubbles. You may safely drink, bath, wash, the water is fine.

Odd Tasting White Water

If you have conclusively had a glass of water sit on the kitchen bench for at least 1 minute and no air bubbles are rising to the top, then this is something that needs more action. You will need to find plumbing help in Geelong. It is not advised to taste the water, generally you can smell if something else is the problem.
At times a problem can be because of mild corrosion of the copper pipes. Often because of older homes with old copper pipes, over time this is a normal outcome. This situation does require plumbing repair as it is not advised to drink cloudy water caused by corrosion. If you run your tap for a while, you will be able to flush out some of the corrosion and get to clearer, safer drinking water. So you are still ok for a while, it is not a plumbing emergency. But it should be dealt with quickly and not put off for too long. The sooner you can have plumbing repair done the better.
A qualified repair plumber in Geelong will be able to fix the problem.

Yellow Brown Water

Sometimes plumbing is left to stand for a long period of time, usually because we go on holidays. Quite often when we get back home and go to grab a glass of water or get in the shower, the water is yellow or brown and cloudy. This is normal and you will not need cheap plumbing repair or cheap plumbing help in Geelong. This is usually because the constant pressure in the pipes forces grit up to the top of the plumbing system. This grit simply just needs to be flushed out by running your taps for a minute.
Afterwards the water should clear up and is perfectly safe to use and drink.

Why Do I Have Persistent Cloudy Water

If you have flushed out your plumbing system by running the tap for a minute and you still have clouded water, then you need plumbing repair.
For plumbing help in Geelong you need a professional plumbing company.

The problem is either:

1) Isolated to your plumbing system and is a fault within your home.


2) A problem external to your home from the water supplier. 

Generally, if you contact your local expert plumbing company, they will already know if there is a problem with the water supply. If the problem is not with the water supplier, you should organise a plumber to come and have a look. A qualified plumber will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it for you, leaving you with crystal clear drinking water.

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